“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Hello! I am venturing out of my comfort zone and taking a shot. I love to write and to inspire others. By day, I am a business leader. Outside of work, I am a wife and busy mom of three. My oldest, who is a teenager, has been engaging my husband and I in discussions on short term and long term goals, why we work all day and are too tired to do things on nights and weekends, why we chose our jobs, etc.

I love what I do. I went to undergrad for Business Management and Marketing, and I am currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration. I am energized by listening to and helping others grow and succeed in their careers and in life. Being an introverted leader can be exhausting at times though. I definitely need down time to rest and recharge.

In my downtime, I love to workout, shop, travel, hike, journal, and read. Family time means the world to me. That’s why my husband and I decided to invest in an inground pool for our backyard. We look forward to the fun and relaxing times around the pool.

I created Life & Peonies to share all the things I love and to inspire others. I have been inspired by many other lifestyle bloggers who I follow on social media and have always thought, “I want to do that.” Well, it’s time. Time to step out of my comfort zone. Time to write more. Time to take the shot. Thanks to Wayne Gretzke for one of my favorite quotes that regularly resonates with me: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

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