Prime Big Deals – Books

So many great deals for Amazon Prime Big Deals Days! Here are my top picks for books on Prime Big Deal today.

Commissioned links below. All prices and deals are subject to change without notice and may very based on selection. Shop the link for the most current price.

65% off. Sale $6.29. Great book. Movie is good but not as good as the book!

59% off. Sale $18.61. live Colleen Hoover books! This set is a great selection!

42% off. Sale $10.44.

This book is so good! Very thought provoking and heartbreaking especially if you have teenagers. Makes you think how you set boundaries and rules and how you follow through (or not).

43% off. Sale $9.63. Love Colleen Hoover books! This is another good one!

52% off. See $14.00. Loved this book. Lots of depth. Great story.

43% off. Sale $10.75. I really enjoyed this trilogy!!

Great mystery! Loved it! Couldn’t put it down! 58% off. Sale $6.73.

25% off. Sale $9.74. couldn’t put this book down. Interesting. Has a twist. Can’t wait to read book 2 of this series!!!

Read this over summer. Loved it! 42% off. Sale $15.63 for hardcover.

All of the below books are on my TO READ list and are highly recommended.

55% off. Deal $7.57. This is a #1 best seller in southern fiction.

#18 this week on Amazon charts. 55% off. Sale $8.50. This is book 1 of a very popular trilogy.

47% off. Sale $9.50. There’s something about Nicholas Sparks books! I just love them all! Can’t wait to read this one!

34% off. Deal $19.69. This book is #1 on the Amazon Charts currently. It’s book 1 of 2 in the series. Heard it is REALLY GOOD!

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